General Guide Lines

All the District Associations affiliated with Punjab Twenty 20 Cricket Association (PSTCA-005-N.Z.) are fully authorized in their District to attend the meetings, collect the funds and donations on behalf of their District Teams/Units. The District Units may, as per their convenience, form their General Body as under:

  • President
  • Sr Vice President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Press Secretary/Spokes Person
  • Executive Members
  • Members
  • Life Members
  • Patrons
  • Legal Advisors
  • Selectors
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Umpires
  • Scorers

Note that all the financial matters relating to dues, annual fee and one life-time registration fee etc. by District Units to PSTCA-005-N.Z. will be discussed in the meeting with all the representatives of the District Units.

Make the constitution of your district units and get them registered with the Registrar of Firms & Societies under 1860 Society Act. of your concerned Districts. After getting registration, apply for Pan's & Bank A/C of your unit. Further, divide their organizing functions/financial powers etc. You may also change the guidelines of your Sub Units as per your convenience Please also send the details of your Association's working, election etc. This is the basic legal process for all affiliated district units without this legal process PSTCA-005-N.Z. will not consider to concern unit.

All the affiliated District Units will have to establish District level Twenty 20 Cricket Academies

All the affiliated District Units will play Twenty Cricket matches with each other districts on rotations basis.

All the affiliated District Units may open their account on the behalf of Punjab Twenty 20 Cricket Association. The Account is to be operated by Secretary and Treasurer jointly and also ensure that all affiliated sub units/clubs adopt the same pattern of accounts and terms & conditions laid down by district associations.

All the Affiliated District Units should send their official letter-pad copy 'Logo'. Kit Colour & Official dress for other functionaries to PSTCA-005-N.Z. for approval so as to differentiate from one and another team. All affiliated district units can not use PSTCA-005-N.Z. logo, as this is PSTCA-005-N.Z. legal property.

All the district unit have to mention their code number allotted by PSTCA-005-N.Z. clearly in their official documents.

All the Affiliated District Units are to sign a central contract with PSTCA-005-N.Z. on behalf of their affiliated Units. This central contract will be duly signed by President & Secretary. All the affiliated District Twenty20 Cricket Associations are bound to:

Send their district teams in Inter-district tournaments conducted by PSTCA-005-N.Z.

Obey the Rules & Regulations and other terms & conditions laid down by PSTCA-005-N.Z.

Get their accounts audited from Chartered Accountant and submit the same to PSTCA-005-N.Z after every financial year.

All the necessary documents are issued by PSTCA-005-N.Z.

The players and officials who registers with PSTCA-005-N.Z. or any Affiliated District Unit, if involves in match fixing or any type of betting or taking drugs and other serious misconduct/misbehavior/legal offence in or out of field, he will face Life Ban or other punishment as per rules & regulations.

If any registered player with PSTCA-005-N.Z. or any affiliated District Unit/Sun Units wants to change his District, will have to take prior permission from PSTCA-005-N.Z. and NOC from his concerning District Unit duly signed by President and the Secretary of the District Unit. All the affiliated district units can hire 2 professional players for Inter- District tournaments only for senior level organized by PSTCA-005-N.Z. and also take prior permission from State Association.

The criteria of registered players on junior level from District is by birth and be should be residing there from 2 years. The necessary documents should be produced by the institution where he has been working or studying. The criteria of age proof is for every Junior players registered with PSTCA-005-N.Z. and its District Units. It Should be either as per School Certificate or an Affidavit submitted by the Guardian of the player. Copies of these should be attested by a Gazetted Officer and also certified by District Secretary/ President. If any player is found misrepresenting these facts, a ban for life or other punishments can be imposed on him and the unit for which he may be representing can be cancelled.