Our Mukatsar District Twenty20 Cricket Association (MDTCA-013-P-005-N.Z) Regd. Affiliated to Punjab State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (PSTCA-005-N.Z) Regd. has been organizing Twenty 20 Inter/Sub unit/Club Cricket Tournaments in State. Keeping in mind that in Mukatsar District, hundreds of poor cricket players are playing cricket but golden opportunities are less and hidden talents are surplus. Mukatsar is big district for playing cricket. Mukatsar District Twenty20 Cricket Association (MDTCA-013-P-005-N.Z.) is big official/legal platform for these neglected surplus talented poor cricket players from all over Mukatsar District who cannot avail any opportunity to come forward to play official cricket and serve the club/teshil/district/state and Country through their cricket talent. These surplus players i.e from Government Schools, Village and Small Town Street waste their time, money and talent by playing involve by playing under false/fake associations/club/academies, and even most players involve in human smuggling and spoil their future. The only motive of these above referred fake associations/club/academies is to collect the money from these innocent players. As you are aware, there is great desire in Mukatsar District youth to settle down abroad by hook and crook, which is exploited by these fake associations/club/academies.

Our Mukatsar District Twenty20 Cricket Association (MDTCA-013) Regd. is affiliated with Punjab State Twenty20 Cricket Association (PSTCA-005-N.Z) Regd. Our Association Code Number is 013 allotted by PSTCA-005-N.Z. Our Association is registered with Registrar of Firms and Societies under 1860 Society Act.p>

In this context, we submit that 03 Sub Units have been with MDTCA-013-P-005-N.Z. These units have been conducting Inter-Zone Twenty20 Cricket Tournaments of Senior & Junior levels on rotation basis In district.These units are also in process of registration of their concern districts under one registration number of MDTCA-013-P-005-N.Z. These 03 Sub Units have further 15 affiliated Club/Village/Town Street units. These District Units conduct Twenty20 Cricket Tournaments within their area so as to promote the Twenty 20 Cricket from grass-roots level in Mukatsar District from every corner. As per rules and regulations of ITCF PSTCA-005-N.Z.

MUKTASAR DISTRICT TWENTY20 CRICKET ASSOCIATION (MDTCA-013-P-005-N.Z) Affiliated to: Punjab State Twenty20 Cricket Association (PSTCA-005-N.Z) Regd.
Tahasil Units Affiliated with Muktasar District Twenty20 Cricket Association (MDTCA-013-P-005-N.Z) Regd.
  • Malout Twenty 20 Cricket Association (MTCA-013-M1-P-005-N.Z.)
  • Lambi Twenty 20 Cricket Association (LTCA-013-M2-P-005-N.Z.)
  • Kot Bhai Twenty 20 Cricket Association (KBTCA-013-M3-P-005-N.Z.)